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Obtain All Necessary Cat and Dog Vaccinations

When you're in need of medical services, it's only natural you'd want to go to a hospital that has all the latest medical equipment. You'd also want to receive whatever treatments or procedures you require all under the same roof for your comfort and convenience. Your pet shouldn't be any different. Get the best medical care for your family pet at Spring House Animal Hospital. Based in Ambler, Pennsylvania, we are a full-service veterinary hospital servicing the surrounding area.


We specialize in small animals and treat many pets aside from dogs and cats. Our office regularly treats:

• Cats • Dogs • Chickens • Rabbits • Ducks • Guinea Pigs

Our Care

As veterinary medicine has evolved greatly in the past few years, we have stayed up-to-date with the latest equipment, surgeries, and procedures available. We offer the best in diagnostic and preventative medicine, cancer therapy, and surgical procedures. At our office, your pet will experience the best equipment, training, and experience to give them the best possible chance at recovery.


At no other office will you find the same level of expertise and dedication to animal diagnostics. With our latest equipment, full laboratory, and years of experience, we will be able to identify your animal's illness effectively and recommend proper care and treatment.


Guinea Pig

Services and Procedures

Bring your pet to our office and experience our separate dog and cat areas. We provide 30-minute appointments and also offer 24-hour nursing care. Let your pet benefit from a therapeutic laser, priced at $28 per visit. We also offer acupuncture and dental treatments for your animals in addition to standard cat and dog vaccinations. More complex procedures include:

• Cancer Surgery
• Chemotherapy
• Microchipping
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Spaying and Neutering
• Oncology
• Digital X-Rays

Prescription Food

As many pets have allergies and other medical issues, we can help you determine an appropriate and specific diet. Our office carries prescription diets to enable you to properly care for your pet at home.